Yes, I am a witch

Looking through the internet, I see a lot of people who truly wish that they could finally tell their family, their friends… the world that they are a witch, however most refuse to do so due to the fact that most people would judge them unfairly and more than likely make life into a living nightmare for them.

Unfortunately, the ugly, biased definition that centuries of fear, greed, hate, not to mention, quite a few  Hollywood movies, have placed upon a word that should imbue an attitude of power, strength, healing, understanding, kindness, love and an air of mystery in only the purest of ways, have almost accomplished their goals of striking fear into the souls of anyone who would proclaim to be a witch.

Thankfully, true witches are beginning to rise up once again and expound upon the power within ourselves – the power that our tortured and burned ancestors have instilled in the very depths of our soul and in our hearts to help us take our rightful place in this sometimes harsh, cruel world, so that we can help to make it better.

I am grateful and proud to be a part of the growing numbers of truly strong witches that are now opening up and changing the way that this world shall look upon us.

Yes, in the days of old, you went on your killing sprees to drive our kind underground and you thought that you had taken us all out. However, let me tell you, we, we are continuously growing in numbers. We are getting stronger. We are reclaiming our power, our Goddess-given right to practice our Witchcraft and spirituality in a way that we choose, as long as we harm none.

I wish you all the Brightest of Magickal Blessings )o(


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