Last evening as I was meditating, somehow the word PATIENCE came into my thoughts.  At first, I wanted to ignore it and get on with meditating, but then I thought, perhaps there is a message here for me to learn…..and that was true.

Patience isn’t just waiting on  something or someone, 

No, it’s much more than that.  

It’s how we act, or respond to someone or something whilst in the process of waiting.

I find this to be a very strong message, as it really gave me something to think about.  Most of the time, we always want something immediately, however, most of the time we have to wait and that isn’t an easy task.

I’ve decided that I really need to check myself with regard to waiting because I know for a fact that I can be quite impatient and short with people sometimes when my progress is held up.  I’m not doing this on purpose though, and neither are you.  Sometimes we just have a lot on our plates and we have deadlines to meet.  However, we still need to be courteous and kind.   I will make a concerted effort to be more patient the next time I’m faced with waiting.

How will you respond the next time you have to wait on something or some one?

Bright Magickal Blessings to you and yours.

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One thought on “Patience

  1. Merry meet to all,
    I learned a while ago that the Universe, Gods, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, etc do not keep time as we do. Which was very frustrating at times when I wanted something to happen yesterday. But over the years I have learned that nothing is going to happen before it is the right time for it to happen. I am not saying I am always happy about this but I have learned to accept it. When I feel my patience wearing thin be it because of a spell or ritual I did to bring something or someone to me or just day to day life. I go outside as soon as I can no matter what the weather is like and ground myself and, make sure my crown chakra is closed. I than send all my negative feelings, because for me being impatient is a negative feeling, and ask the Universe along with my patron God and matron Goddess to cleanse all negativity, anger, impatience or whatever out of me all the way to my cellular level I send it down my body into Mother Earth to be rejuvenated and renewed as positive energy to fill me up with and the extra to goes to help heal Mother Earth. Now, this is not something that I was able to control overnight it took me a few years to do it but now that I wait for the Universe to decide the time is right for whatever I asked for I find I am a much happier and positive person.
    Until we meet again blessed be.


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