10 Plants That Might Help You Sleep by Ethan Green

Do you keep any plants in your bedroom, adding a touch of natural color and beauty?

My personal favorite is a trailing spider plant that sits by the window. It’s an ideal plant for the bedroom, and fascinating to see new shoots slowly parachuting to the floor.

The plant kingdom is vast though, so how do we know which are healthy bedroom additions?

NASA plant study

NASA conducted a fascinating study into plants, looking for those that emit oxygen rather than carbon dioxide at night.

They also found plants which act as natural air purifiers. So those can potentially help keep the air in your bedroom as fresh and oxygen-rich as possible.

You can see some of the specific plants they discovered below. But let’s first take a quick look at how the plants work their magic in the home.

How plants improve the bedroom conditions

NASA’s study suggests that having certain plants in your bedroom could improve your sleep, assuming your sleep is negatively affected by air quality. But how does this happen?

Plants are natural, powerful air purification systems. Their ability to improve your sleep comes from the fresh air they provide, and in some cases the pleasant and calming scents they emit.

Plants like

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