Yoni Steaming: What Is Yoni Steaming, When To Yoni Steam, Yoni Steaming Contraindications By: Adena Rose Bright

Yoni steaming, also called simply vaginal steaming, is a treatment that employs steam from a hot herbal tea mixture that is directed onto the vaginal area. It can easily be done at home on a special stool, or even just a slatted chair, by sitting over a steaming pot of herbs.

So many modern women are yearning for a mystical and magical healing experience. The closest thing to this may just be the yoni steam.

Yoni steaming has been touted to be a cure-all for women’s reproductive issues including infertility, fibroids, and painful menstrual cycles. There is much truth to this, for when the medicinal properties from the herbs blend with the heat from the steam, circulation and blood flow is improved. This balances coldness and stagnation within the vaginal area, which are often to blame for many of these problems.

Yoni Steaming And Ancient Medicine

Yoni steaming is talked about a lot in Mayan medicine. In Ayurveda, the ancient natural medicine of India, a practitioner looks for the qualities in someone’s imbalance, and aims to treat the client with the opposite qualities. This means that anything can become medicine, remain neutral, or be considered poisonous depending on those qualities one is trying to balance.

From the Ayurvedic perspective, steam has the qualities of being hot, subtle, and spreading. These are mostly qualities that we see in Pitta dosha. The herbs you use in the steam can change the qualities slightly, yet overall this is the energy of the treatment.

A Vata or Kapha dosha imbalance, can greatly benefit from this hot and moist treatment because the qualities of cold, slow, dull, or hard may be present. It is a rule in Eastern medicine that if there is pain, there is stagnation, so a warming, moving treatment like this would be indicated. Alternatively, if there is an infection, or already too much heat or itching, like seen with Pitta imbalance, yoni steaming would most-likely be contraindicated, though other natural treatments can certainly be useful.

There may seem to be infinite benefits to yoni steaming, but there are contraindications. It is important to find support to learn how to use this technique correctly. With proper guidance, this is a simple practice to use at home for self care and deep healing.

When You Should Not Steam: Yoni Steaming Contraindications

Time and circumstance plays an important part in when to yoni steam. And just as their are appropriate times to steam, there are definite yoni steaming contraindications.

One of the biggest contraindications for yoni steaming is an intrauterine device, or IUD. Vaginal steaming is not recommended if a woman is using an

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