I’m on holiday/vacation. By The Silver Sage Witch

Hello hello! I hope you’re doing well and your week is going well, even though I wasn’t able to do your Angel Guidance this week.

Im on holiday in the Oswestry, England/Wales until th 20th of this month.

I will try to do the Witching Crossroads this Thursday, but please dont be disappointed if i can’t. We are almost non-stop with lots of driving and meeting with some of our English friends.

That being said, I WILL make sure to get the posts up on the Newfound-life.com website though! 😁

I’m glad that you all are reading, commenting and following my blog. Im also glad that you are SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube channel! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’‹ In case you haven’t already subscribed, I’ll put the link below for you. 😘

Bright Magickal Blessings to you and yours from,

The Silver Sage Witch



2 thoughts on “I’m on holiday/vacation. By The Silver Sage Witch

  1. Hi Dearest Sister,

    While you are enjoying you vacation I will try my hardest to be a good big sister and post something on here a couple of times daily. Now that I know more about the content of NewFound-Life posting things will be easier for me.

    Though my relax and enjoy your vacation!!! Don’t forget to send me a postcard…lol
    Peace, love, and blessed be,
    Lady B
    Namaste dearest sister to you, Here Henry, and Pumpkin

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